What is Stand Up for Public Education?

Few things are as important in our society as a strong public education. It is the backbone of our democracy and has made our nation a leader in the world. In the infancy of our country, leaders developed a novel idea that would revolutionize how we as a nation thought about education and our citizens – it’s called public education. Just as the Gutenberg Press opened up the affordability of books to the common man, the uniquely American idea of public education ensured that knowledge and advancement in society were not just reserved for those with financial means. It has since developed into the education choice of 90% of Pennsylvania students.

PSBA’s outreach campaign “Stand Up for Public Education” is our opportunity to share the good news of public education – the successes, the triumphs, the academic gains our students are making. It will require everyone involved with public education standing together in the face of unwarranted criticism by those individuals and organizations that would prefer public education just go away. PSBA will share statewide successes but it is imperative for you to share your local story.

Why it is needed
Public education has never been under such attack as it is now. We face huge budget cuts, inaccurate claims that public education is failing across the board, and efforts to direct resources away from students. The problem is that public education’s huge number of success stories are being overshadowed by the isolated problems that exist. The public perceptions are skewed by these examples and critics are reveling in public education’s inability to set the record straight. Now is the time we all must stand up for public education and make our voices heard.

What you can do

The main goal of the “Stand Up for Public Education” campaign is to provide board members, superintendents, administrators, teachers, parents and students with the tools they will need to spread the good word. The kit in your hands is just the start. These resources also can be found at www.StandUpforPublicEducation.org and more tools will be added over time.

Get the word out
The materials provide you with a number of ways to let your stakeholders know you Stand Up for Public Education.

  • Play the DVD with the video presentation at your next board meeting. This video also can be viewed here.
  • Proudly display the car magnet on your vehicle and order more for your friends and family. T-shirts also are available and both can be purchased at the PSBA Bookstore during conference. Online ordering options will be available after conference.
  • Make it a regular part of your board meeting to invite a special student or group of students to be recognized by your board. This encourages community members to come to your meetings and puts these Public Education Standouts in front of the media.
  • Share your positive stories with your community through your website or develop a speakers bureau including the superintendent, administrators and teachers who can share the positive stories at Rotary Club meetings, Chambers of Commerce or other community events.
  • For more ideas on engaging your stakeholders, see the post on Engaging Stakeholders

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